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Ani comes from a family of artists, "but I was never one of the musicians," she says. When Ani picked up an ukulele at a local music store a few years ago, she assumed four strings had to be easier than six, signed up for classes, and took it home with her that day. A few years later, while Ani was editing a friend's memoir, a melody floated into her head inspired by the chapter she was working on. Weeks passed before it occurred to her to try turning that fragment of a tune into a song. She sat down with her ukulele and chord chart, and didn’t get up until the song was done. She was hooked. 

Ani’s musical style swings from whimsical to soulful. She is often inspired by the small, perfect moments of the day, or when the complexities of being human are best left to a ukulele, and these days, a guitar. In addition to songwriting, Ani is passionate about crafting artistic or functional pieces using an array of plastic trash that would otherwise end up in the environment. To find out what she's currently working on, please visit

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Trina is grateful to be the fairy godmother of this project, and the collaborator on Ani's album "This Sweet Day." You can find Trina here. 

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