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What's Really Behind Slow Churn Journal: 2024 update

Updated: Jan 12

1/2/2024 Confession: I stopped daily vocal warm-ups sometime in October. Apparently, that endoscope going down my throat was enough of an excuse. So, New Year, I'm making a resolution. Lip trills, sirens, and Kathleen Hansen* here I come! While I'm at it, I have to get back to Duolingo Italian too. I have no excuses for that...

* * * *

2023: I started taking ukulele classes in 2017 because I wanted to have music at my fingertips. A few years later, I began writing songs, and now I'm learning to play guitar. But I realized recently what's really behind all of this. My favorite instrument, the one I love more than any other, has always been out of reach--a beautiful singing voice.

While Slow Churn Journal will continue to be about being a beginner musician/songwriter, I've decided to commit to a daily singing practice for 2023, and will be interested to see what kind of progress I can make in a year. I have found some vocal coaches on YouTube that I really like (see channels at They are very encouraging, so I am feeling hopeful.

From my song, If Only I Could Sing, written in 2019; video clip from the same year. Background collage by my mother, Marion McManus.

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